About WargaBiz

Our Vision

Malaysia’s leading news, resources & practical advice for entrepreneurs and achievers

Our Mission

To champion local entrepreneurs while reinventing the nation’s medium, technology and platform for the modern-day audience

To build a sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem

To be a source of motivation for people on their journey towards success

Chairman of WargaBiz
WargaBiz Chairman, M Zulhisham M Zulkarnain

Note from Chairman

Empowering the spirit of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation to achieve your goals and help you script your own success stories.

Established in April 2017, WargaBiz is an inspiring digital portal for entrepreneurs and achievers alike dedicated to helping you improve all aspects of your life.

We believe that aspiring towards your true goals and eventually reaching them is the most important factor for living a better, happier and more meaningful life. Anyone has the potential to reach their goals no matter how ambitious and we hope to be a source of inspiration for people who wish to on their journey towards success.

“Success does not come easily to even the most talented of people.”

To that, we bring to you inspiring stories of people, companies and products that have risen from the ground. The success stories we share with you highlights that no matter how rough the road or how tough the circumstances, hardships don’t last forever.

In the end, we believe that everyone needs that motivation, that inspiration and that nudge that makes us re-believe and reaffirm in ourselves. We hope that by the end of each inspiring story, you feel motivated and enthusiastic and feel that ‘Yes, we can!’ But more importantly, we wish to be with you every step of the way on your road to success and help you emerge successful in whatever you aim to do.